Issue 1.1 - Enter The Crocodile

The beginning of something wonderful.

April 1, 2019 - 4 minute read

Welcome to the first issue of Crocodiles!

This has been something evolving in my brain for awhile. First it started in my head as a music blog site, but everyone’s doing that. Then it turned into a podcast with one of my best friends, but it was too much work. Now it’s a newsletter that comes straight to your inbox!

“But why Crocodiles?” you ask with a quizzical look. Well, I’m terrible with names, that’s why.

Actually, my brain said, “QUICK, USE THE FIRST LYRIC YOU THINK OF!” and for some strange reason the lyrics “All we are, are crocodiles” popped in my head. That’s a lyric from Yanni Depp by The Chariot for all you non-mid-2000s-christian-hardcore-fans. And somehow this seemingly premium domain was available! What luck! And I guess, in a way, I am a crocodile when it comes to music. I devour it all voraciously. Take that however you want.

ANYWAY. Here’s the first issue, enjoy!

What you should be listening to this week

Bad Bad Hats - Wide Right (EP)

I had the pleasure of catching a couple of these tunes a few weeks back when I saw them open for The Beths (which you should read about). It was my first time hearing them, and I was disappointed that I couldn’t find Wide Right, as it really stuck out in the show. And here it is! Also, can I just say that Kerry Alexander is one of the funniest people in this world? She could easily be a stand-up comedian with her hilarious stage banter between songs live.

Dinosaur Pile-Up - Thrash Metal Cassette (Single)

THIS SONG SHREDS. New Dinosaur Pile-Up music is always welcome, and this song does not disappoint. Just pure fun as usual. This is from their forthcoming album, Celebrity Mansions coming June 7th.

Loma - Half Silences (Single)

Loma somehow has this uncanny ability to create music that just tears me to shreds in this weird way. Borderline creepy music that sticks with you. Paste calls it “Uneasy listening”. Sure, let’s call it that. Also according to that article, Meiburg said:

We’re deep inside the new album, but didn’t want to wait to release this song.

So no word on album details yet, but I’m definitely excited for this next album.

LIMBS - Abandoned (Single)

LIMBS first album had a ton of potential, but only a couple songs really stuck with me. It had a range of influences from Underoath to Radiohead and other two-words-mashed-together bands. This single, however, gets straight to the freaking point. The riffs alternate between sounding like Every Time I Die and Underoath but with their own flair. If this song is any indication of what their new album is going to sound like, it’s going to be a rip-roaring sophomore album for them.

Also, apparently they have a new vocalist? Metal band line-ups are so ephemeral. Luckily it doesn’t seem to be a drama-infused affair, just a simple, “the band member needs to take care of his family instead of touring full time” ordeal. Which is honorable in my book.

Artists you should know about


Scout Eastment and Olive Rush are the force behind this dream-pop band. They both sing and play guitar and are starting to blow up in Sydney Australia. I found their song Enemies on /r/listentothis, and found myself hitting repeat on this track multiple times. It’s dreamy and drenched in summer rain with vocal melodies that won’t let go of your brain.

Raz Simone

File this artist under Emo R&B, please. His new album, Still Love came out in January and has stuck with me since. Raz Simone’s brand of R&B is so vastly different compared to anything else I’ve heard. The beautifully haunting instrumention and heavy lyrics about surviving as a black man in America make this grown man cry. I want to hug this man.


Well, there’s the first issue! In the future, I’ll be adding more goodies like news and possibly interviews! If you have any comments, or music suggestions, drop me a line on Twitter. I’m going to go sit by my door and wait for my vinyl copy of PUP’s Morbid Things now. Have a good week!

Here’s to the future,

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